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I'm Dominic. C# Developer, Student, Car lover, Full-time-enthusiast.
Welcome to my portfolio!
I've developed software since I was a child and I still do so. Currently, I'm working on nUpdate, a secure update system for .NET. You may contact me below.


I'm a software developer and currently completing my B. Sc. in Computer Science and Economics at the University of Augsburg. I'm an occasional, passionate traveler, and I love cars.

My name is Dominic and I like creating useful and powerful software. Later on, after I'll get my master's degree, I plan to work as software developer or engineer for BMW. The subjects, that I am interested in, are autonomous driving and driver assistance systems. Of course, it's not only about Computer Science. Physics, especially Mechanics, and Maths are further sciences I really like.

I spend a lot of my time on writing beautiful and efficient code which helps other developers and users.

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Absolutely. Any of this software can also be found via Google and mostly on GitHub. Feel free to look it up and play around.

nUpdate Administration nUpdate Administration nUpdate Administration


nUpdate is a modern update system for .NET-applications that allows you to create, publish and manage update packages remotely.
Providing high security and an easy-to-use user interface, it is the perfect solution for your software.



SharpMath SharpMath SharpMath


SharpMath is a powerful .NET math library supporting vectors, matrices, linear equation systems, expression parsing and graphing.
Therefore, it provides many structures and functions for analytic geometry and forms an abstract, powerful basis for 2D- and 3D-calculations.

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I got some. At least I think so. With a little hubris, this is what they look like:


C decent


C# very good


Java good

Web languages

Web languages okay

Of course, I keep learning. My skillset improves over time and I'm very productive at night. There are a lot of factors influencing my workflow and those stats are a mixed opinion of multiple people I'm working with.